sorry I haven’t been posting often. I can’t keep up. is there anyone who wants to run/own this blog? Let me know so that I can hand it over to you. Otherwise I will prob delete this whole thing in a month’s time.

therainbowbeauty asked:
Hey! I love your blog. I just started a multiracial healthy thin girls blog and I would love for you to check it out. Follow me if you like it! :)

Thank you! I unfortunately can’t follow you back on this blog because it is a secondary blog but I will post this ask for my followers to see and hopefully follow :-)

Anonymous asked:
Do you take Submissions?

Yes! :-)

bodacious21 asked:
oh my goodness, i love your blog and everything that it stands for....<3

thank you :-)

Anonymous asked:
I just wanted to say, I love this blog! And u hanging with the wrong black folk!

thank you :-) Haven’t updated that much a lot since I was outside the country but glad you enjoy.